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Many homeowners never think about the roof of their homes until a leak occurs. Preventing problems through scheduled maintenance keeps small issues from becoming larger ones and helps reveal areas of the roof that may soon need attention. Properly maintaining a roof can prolong its life.

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Our company offers custom maintenance plans to meet your needs and budget. Basically, it includes a complete examination of your roof involving detailed inspection, cleaning and review. We remove any trash and debris that may be hindering proper draining. We inspect all areas of the roof and locate all problem areas. If needed, our team makes minor repairs and upgrades to the roof as determined in the maintenance agreement. We’ll also provide you with a detailed report with our recommendations for future roof repairs. If our team finds a significant roofing problem, we will prepare an estimate for work for your review. With your approval, the work will be completed. All these to keep your roof in peak condition and provide superior protection for your home. Ongoing maintenance and care also minimize costly roofing repairs and will delay a whole roof replacement for several years.

We also offer Comprehensive Services which includes services like inspections and preventative maintenance, to storm damage repair and ice dam removal. This will surely keep every aspect of your home’s roofing well maintained. Not just that, we offer, 24/7 Emergency Services for when disaster strikes.Preventive Roof Maintenance

Preventive roofing maintenance by Albany roofing contractors is the proactive approach to keeping your roof in its best condition for years to come. Our preventive solutions have been proven to provide all our roofing projects with that extra level of care needed for ultimate protection. So, get in touch with Albany Oregon Roofing today! We have the experience, skill, and dedication to provide the service you need and deserve – exceeding your expectations every time!